Qualified staff one phone call away?

We have built an excellent team of reliable and dedicated care professionals, with a diverse set of skills and qualifications. Our team is committed and passionate. All are ready to cover temporary and permanent roles, from last minute cover to sickness and holiday cover, including on-going shifts.

Our care team deliver an exceptional service with compassion, involvement and a positive approach ensuring the highest standards of care. Through empathy, focus and respect we foster a culture of care that nurtures independence, achieves person-centred, safe, effective care.

Our team consists of:

  • Healthcare assistants
  • Support workers
  • Nurses

Healthcare Assistants

As the first point of contact with the service users and the clients, our healthcare assistants are those making the difference. They deliver hundreds of hours of care each week, with the flexibility and the independence required to cover a wide range of needs. Fully trained in all aspects of care, our team offers bespoke care, while maintaining full compliance with Health and safety requirements. We offer a wide range of skills, from Personal Care to Medication administration.

Our team is trained and fully committed to bring comfort and well-being to every service user while creating a strong relationship based on trust and respect. All our carers come with a mindset of empathy and kindness. Patients are not just a room number or a diagnosis, they are actual people, who may be afraid, may feel isolated, needing reassurance and companionship. A warm smile, an extra minute spent listening is part of that mindset.

At a glance, our healthcare assistants will:

  • Assist service users with personal care
  • Monitor service users progress and pass on to the senior or nurse information regarding their status
  • Provide assistance with feeding and bathing
  • Record keeping, like daily fluid intake

Support Workers

Residential support workers, also known as care officers, look after the social welfare of Adults or Children in residential care. As residential support workers, our support workers have sound knowledge and experience working with children in care, or adults with physical or learning disabilities, mental health problems, addiction issues or other emotional or social needs


Our support workers are skilled in the following areas adapted according to the client group they work with:

  • Assessing each resident’s needs and progress
  • Providing physical care
  • Creating a safe and positive living environment
  • Setting boundaries for young people’s behaviour
  • Offering one-to-one counselling or leading group therapy sessions
  • Providing leisure and creative opportunities
  • Teaching daily living skills such as budgeting, shopping and claiming benefits
  • Helping residents to deal with problems and become independent
  • Keeping records and writing reports
  • Liaising with residents’ families
  • Working with other health and care professionals


Our residential support workers demonstrate excellent communication and interpersonal skills. They are practical and have a flexible approach to work with patience and empathy. They are well experienced to understand the needs of different client groups and their requirements. All staff perform well in either a team environment or using their own initiative, assessing situations and taking appropriate action. Resilience, to cope with difficult situations and challenging clients, with excellent time management and organisational skills.



Triple D Nursing and Home Care, provides highly skilled and motivated nurses to the demanding residential care and nursing service organisations. Our nurses are well experienced and trained in providing care for patients and supporting their treatment and recovery. With their excellent communication and interpersonal skills, nurses give support and advice to patients’ families and other carers.

All our Nurses hold a degree or diploma in nursing, recognised by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

We ensure that the Nurses we provide have following skills and qualities to carry out the designated duties in your organisation.

  • Have excellent people skills and be able to relate well to people from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures.
  • Have practical skills.
  • Remain calm in difficult situations.
  • Pay attention to detail.
  • Have empathy with patients and their families and be able to gain their trust.
  • Be non-judgmental.
  • Have the confidence to make decisions and work independently.
  • Work well alone and as part of a team.
  • Be able to prioritise a busy workload.
  • Be prepared to help patients with intimate tasks.
  • Be confident with writing and numerical work.
  • Be physically fit and emotionally strong.