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Triple D Nursing & Home Care

Triple D Nursing & Home Care is a family business that has grown from a small start in 2010 to become one of the leading nurse staffing agencies in the North West. Triple D places nurses registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) into temporary posts.

The temporary posts are usually located within nursing home and hospitals. All our staff are trained to the highest levels, including moving and handling, health and safety, and other basic first aid/life support, as required by the CQC essential standards.

Our Aims

Our aim is to provide a high-quality home care staffing service at a reasonable rate and meet the demands of hospitals, nursing homes, private homes and home care within the community. We aim to give our clients continuity by providing the same carers wherever possible.

All our home care staff are rigorously checked, with all providers of care having at least 6 months experience in a hospital or nursing home environment prior to joining us. Checks on workers are also made with the Criminal Records Bureau (DBS) in accordance with the National Care Standards Commission guidelines.

Once with us, all members of staff must complete a variety of training courses, including Moving and Handling, Basic Life Support, Food Hygiene and Control and Restraint.

Triple D Nursing and Home Care believes that by offering the same 1st class support to our employees as that afforded to our clients we will succeed in bringing the two together in an efficient and effective manner.

We care deeply about your safety

All of our team members undergo rigorous background checks and personal interviews so you can have peace of mind, knowing you or your loved one is in safe hands. Our experienced carers perform their duties with dedication and great attention to detail. We appreciate your feedback on our services, as we continually strive to improve what we do.

We offer fantastic value

Triple D Nursing and Home Care in Wigan should be accessible by everyone. Given the quality of our Nursing and home care and the experience of our individual carers, we offer exceptional service to the home care industry in UK. Our vast experience in the field is keeping us on top of the competition and the trust we built through out with our clients have turned in to lifelong relationships.

Nursing Care and National Health Services (NDIS) accredited

We are an approved Nursing Care and National Health Services(NDIS) accredited nursing and home care agency in Wigan, North West, England

Our care is flexible to suit your custom needs

We know that it’s important to schedule your care at a time that suits you, so we offer plenty of flexibility when it comes to our appointments, domestic services, and other in-home services. We also offer you the chance to book your services online and over the phone.

We always start with an assessment

Communication is one of the key principles in care. We need to get to know you, your history, your preferences and wishes so that we can tailor the best possible service. An effective communication will enable our team to identify personal strengths and assess the client’s needs. We will provide access to all the relevant information and offer all the support needed to help you understand the range of available options for you. All our care plans follow the core values of care, providing non-judgemental advice and support, by respecting the right, privacy and dignity of the clients and by promoting choice and independence. The goal is to empower clients to share and discuss their views, control their own lives and make informed choices about the service they receive.

We’re only a phone call away

With the state of the art technology, Triple D Nursing and Home Care agency is moving forward to give the best possible service to our clients, you can easily get in touch with us with all common communication mediums. We are now enabled in Social Media as well to answers and enquiries.
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